Side Mount

Departments who use Ferrara top mount pumpers rely on them for years of dependable service.  Using heavy duty construction in every fire body, Ferrara fire trucks are built to last a lifetime. 

Ferrara's extruded aluminum fire body is the strongest, best built extruded pumper body in the industry.  If you want a formed fire truck body, Ferrara's has that as well with our heavy duty, 12 gauge galvanneal, 3/16" thick marine grade aluminum, or the ultimate, the Ferrara 12 gauge stainless steel body.

Truly a custom fire apparatus, you can get your top mount pumper built the way you want.  If you want to customize the cab as well, check out our Inferno and Igniter heavy duty custom chassis. Top mount pumpers from Ferrara, custom fire trucks built fire-service tough!


  • Full height rescue style
  • 3/4 height rescue style
  • Speedlays with reloading trays
  • Aluminum peg board tool board
  • Extrication front bumper
  • Ferrara equipment installation
  • Ladders through the tank
  • Fire extinguisher storage
  • Air bag storage rack