Heavy Rescue

When the demands of your job require something more, check out Ferrara's heavy rescue pumper.  With up to 500 cubic feet of compartment space, you can carry all the equipment needed for whatever response situation you encounter.

You choose from a conventional midship pump, Class A injection system or CAFS; hidden or traditional pump panels and a wide variety of preconnect and discharge plumbing options.  When you choose Ferrara, you get a true custom builder.

Reduce the time it takes to put your new truck in service.  Ferrara's craftsmen can install your equipment before it leaves the factory. 

Check out our heavy rescue pumpers, see which one is right for you and then ask us to customize it to meet your exacting specifications.

Aerial Characteristics

  • Coffin Compartments
  • Coffin compartments with aluminum hose bed cover
  • Light tower recessed in the rescue pumper body
  • Enclosed pump panel with storage pockets
  • Enclosed pump panel with speedlays
  • Long 4-door cab with exterior storage compartments
  • Cascade system with fill station
  • Enclosed cord reel storage; ladders through the tank; stokes, backboard and hard suction above the high sides
Overall Height 12' 1"  (low profile cab 11' 6")
Overall Length 49' 10"
Overall Width 102"    (excluding mirrors and handrails)
Wheelbase 240"
NFPA 1901 Horizontal Reach 99' at 0 degrees
NFPA 1901 Vertical Reach 100' at 72 degrees results in more side reach
Stabilizer Spread 18'
Turning Radius 41' bumper swing with 21" extension
  • Standard 20-year structural warranty
  • Standard 10-year waterway warranty, including seals.
  • Standard 20-year internal corrosion warranty