HD - 85 Mid Mount Platform

Ferrara's 85' mid mount platforms are designed and engineered for firefighter safety, as well as operations under extreme environments. Our standard 85' mid mount platform models meet all the requirements of NFPA.

The engineered strength of the aerial allows us to offer a 500 pound tip load, while flowing 1,500 GPM of water, at any angle or elevation. Not flowing water our tip load is 1,000 pounds.

With an operational range of –12 degrees to +72 degrees, the 85' platform maintains a horizontal reach of 81' at zero degrees elevation and reaches a full vertical height of 85' at 72 degrees.

All aerials receive independent third party non-destructive testing, which include third party flow and structural inspection.

This unit is not available with pump or water.

Aerial characteristics

  • Five (5) section heavy duty ladder
  • 85' vertical reach at only 72 degree elevation
  • 81' horizontal reach
  • Each aerial is manufactured in accordance with NFPA pamphlet 1901.
  • A professional third party testing company performs a flow test and structural inspection on all aerials.
  • 2:1 Structural Safety Factor
  • 1.5:1 Safety Factor


  • Platform leveling system uses a gravity level-sensing inclinometer, which reduces additional hydraulic lines needed for master/slave type systems. This system is based on gravity, which means the platform will remain level regardless if the apparatus is positioned on a severe grade.
  • Bi-Folding doors allow clear, 23.5" unobstructed entrance into and out of the platform
  • The platform basket is designed in four (4) modular sections, so if it is damaged, replacement is less costly.
  • Interior work area of Ferrara's mid-mount platforms is unmatched, with over 20 square feet of interior work area.


  • Egress handrails stay with the aerial fly section to allow entrance into the platform when climbing at vertical angles.
  • All Ferrara platforms use a mil-spec internal corrosion coating on all structural members that are internally exposed to the atmosphere. This coating constitutes a 20-year internal corrosion warranty for the platforms aerial structure.
  • All platform waterways are hot-dipped galvanized, polished and then chrome plated for superior strength and durability. The waterway carries a 10-year warranty that includes the seals.
  • All platforms come standard with an interlock system. This system prevents platform from being lowered into the cab and body by the operator.


  • Single or Dual monitors available
  • Additional hose storage or mask storage boxes available
  • Rappelling arm/ stokes basket mount
  • 110 volt and 12 volt lighting
  • Roof ladder mounts on base and fly sections available
  • Axe brackets
  • Pike pole brackets
  • Additional 8" of stabilizer down stroke, for severe grade areas
  • Breathing air single 4500 PSI and 6000 PSI and double 4500 PSI an 6000 PSI
  • Custom painted aerial
Overall Height 10'6"
Overall Length 43'2"
Overall Width 102"    (excluding mirrors and handrails)
Wheelbase 250"
NFPA 1901 Horizontal Reach 81' at 0 degrees
NFPA 1901 Vertical Reach 85' at 72 degrees results in more side reach
Stabilizer Spread 18'
Turning Radius 41' bumper swing with 6" extension
  • Standard 20-year structural warranty
  • Standard 10-year waterway warranty, including seals.
  • Standard 20-year internal corrosion warranty