Many fire departments currently operating teleboom watertowers will find the Ferrara HD 57' an outstanding replacement aerial.  The 57' offers weight and packaging advantages that permit more options on the body and chassis.  This is particularly important when water tank size and equipment carrying capacity are primary concerns.

In addition, the compact aerial design lends itself well to small wheelbase configurations.  These attributes are beneficial when the unit is called upon to perform first responder medical calls.  In this configuration, a department may consider longer cabs and EMS boxes with interior/exterior access.  The rescue roll can be further enhanced with front bumper extrication reels and tool compartments.

The body can be configured as a pumper or aerial style.  The pumper body design is short with a right side hosebed for easy hose repacking without moving the aerial.  Space for backboards and full depth compartments complement the package.  The ground ladders are typically a roof, attic and extension ladder.  The aerial style body is longer in length to accommodate the NFPA 1901 Quint or Aerial ladder complement.  We can also supply the ISO ground ladder complement if desired.  The aerial body can be supplied as a right side hosebed for packing with the aerial stored or traditional under the ladder hosebed if desired.

The aerial ladder offers a lower overall travel height when compared to Telebooms, as there is no boom underneath the ladder.  The aerial is also available with a moveable waterway to keep the fly section free from the obstruction of a nozzle and waterway pipe during a rescue operation or positioning the ladder near a building.

Standard Aerial Features

  • The two-section aerial ladder is constructed from 70,000-PSI yield strength steel.
  • 500#  rating at zero degrees full extension while flowing water
  • Rungs are sheathed with heavy-duty, serrated rubber that is bonded and clamped for the ultimate in traction, even in icy conditions.
  • Night and smoke operations are improved with ladder section LED lights for climbing areas.
  • Standard deceleration feature slows the aerial's speed when the approaching full elevation.
  • A heavy-duty replaceable egress section at the end of the aerial allows the most vulnerable part of the ladder to be replaced inexpensively if damage shall occur. The egress is also angled down 11 degrees making it easy to climb off the end of the ladder when necessary. It is painted with high visibility yellow for tip identification.
  • Rescue eyelets, with a combined 500 pound rating, are located at the end of the fly section.
  • Both sets of rotation bearing bolts can be torqued from the top, saving time and labor during maintenance. 
  • The load sensing system provides load status in real time taking into consideration factors such as ice build up during inclement weather conditions.
  • A standard collision avoidance system limits the movement of the aerial at low angles to prevent accidental damage to the cab or body.
  • A retraction safety system, designed to minimize chances of injury in the event the aerial is moved with an occupant at the tip, is a standard safety feature.
  • The chrome plated steel waterway is more durable than an aluminum waterway which is prone to scouring.  We back this performance with an industry leading 10 year waterway pipe and seal warranty. 
  • Waterway is rated at 1250 GPM with the nozzle 90 degrees to the centerline for a total of 180 degrees side sweep.
  • Akron, Elkhart and TFT monitors available
  • Extension tubes, down tubes, inside jack housings and bottom plates are galvanized for longer expected life.
  • High visibility lightweight poly stabilizer pads provide maximum footing and stability.

Aerial Options

  • Positional waterway with electric actuator allows the operator to locate the waterway at the tip or base section without leaving the turntable control console or manually moving a pin. 
  • 110 volt tip receptacle
  • 110 volt quartz lights
  • Tip locator lights
  • Axe bracket at tip
  • Pike pole bracket at tip
  • Three way intercom with option for head set integration
  • Remote control operation for tip nozzle and aerial ladder controls
  • Fly section ladder control station for ladder movements
  • Rope pulley system for rescue work
  • Base section mounting for roof ladders
  • 2 ½" waterway tip discharge
  • Pre-wire for headsets at the turntable
  • Breathing air systems with optional turntable connections
  • Waterway shut off valve to make the rear inlet a discharge
Overall Height 11' 4"  (low profile cab 10' 8")
Overall Length 35' 5"
Overall Width 102"    (excluding mirrors and handrails)
Wheelbase 198"
NFPA 1901 Horizontal Reach 50' at 0 degrees
NFPA 1901 Vertical Reach 57' at 72 degrees results in more side reach
Stabilizer Spread 13' 6" pin to pin
Turning Radius 36' bumper swing with 21" extension
  • Standard 20-year structural warranty
  • Standard 10-year waterway warranty, including seals.
  • Standard 20-year internal corrosion warranty