Industrial Pumper

The Ferrara Inundator Pumper Series is available in a multitude of configurations to best suit your department's needs. Traditional side mount pump operator's control panel, top mount pump operator's control panel and rear mount pump operator's control panels are available. Ferrara also includes in our product line a rear mount pump location with top mount operator's panel, and for those wishing to keep the operator isolated from the environment: an in-cab pump operator's control panel.

Customization doesn't just end with the pump operator and pump mounting locations. Ferrara offers custom body construction from our standard 3/16" Heavy Duty Marine Grade Extruded Aluminum to our Ultimate Series 12 gauge, 304L Stainless Steel Formed body. You can choose from traditional pan doors or roll up doors in standard high side or rescue style s. Depending on your foam and / or water tank requirements, we offer both single and tandem rear axle configurations. But wait...What about cab configurations? The Ferrara XD series 100" wide cab comes standard with a flat roof with 8" to a massive 24" raised roof available. SMFD, MFD, XMFD, LFD or even XLFD command cabs are easily configured for the Inundator series.

When it comes to Foam Systems, few can dispute the dependability and design excellence of the products developed by Williams Fire and Hazard Control. Ferrara is proud to offer the Williams Hot Shot II Balanced Pressure Foam System as the standard in the Inundator Line. Dwight Williams, CFO/Chairman of Williams Fire and Hazard Control, often states in regard to aggressively attacking industrial fires…"If you are going to be a bear...Be a Grizzly". Ferrara adheres to the same philosophy when constructing the Inundator Series of apparatus. With the Williams Hot Shot II, as well as the Ranger and Ambassador Series of deck guns, it's hard to dispute Ferrara as the leader in high flow custom industrial fire apparatus.

Chassis Choice

Inferno XD
Igniter XD
Intruder 2
Most Commercial Chassis

Body Construction 3/16" Marine Grade Extruded Aluminum
3/16" 5052-H32 Modular Aluminum
Optional formed 12 gauge 304L Ultimate Stainless Steel
96" Wide Body width Standard (12" Upper Depth / 25" Lower Depth)
102" Wide Optional Body Width (15" Upper Depth / 28" Lower Depth)
Ten (10) Year Structural Warranty
Pumps Hale 8FG with up to 3000 G.P.M. Municipal or Industrial Ratings (side or top mount)
Hale RME with up to 3000 G.P.M. Municipal or Industrial Rating (rear mount)
Hale QMAX with up to 2250 G.P.M.
Waterous CSU with up to 2250 G.P.M.
Tanks Polypropylene foam and / or water tanks with lifetime warranty Optional Inverted "L" configuration for optimum low hose bed floor height
Electrical System 12 Volt with function and color coded wiring
Class I Total Systems Manager
Optional Weldon or Class I Multiplexed
Plumbing System Schedule 10 Welded Stainless Steel Suction and Discharge Manifold Systems
Ten (10) Year Stainless Steel Plumbing
Foam Systems

Williams Fire and Hazard Control WATP, Advent, and Hot Shot II (60, 150, 250, and 300 G.P.M.)
Optional Foam Pro AccuMax
Optional National Servo Command

Deck Gun Option Williams Ranger 3 Plus ( up to 4000 G.P.M.)
Williams Ambassador 1 x 4 ( up to 6000 G.P.M.)
Both of above in Hydro Foam or Hydro Chem Capable
Optional Wireless Control for Gun and Nozzle Pattern
Akron Renegade ( up to 5000 G.P.M.)
Akron StreamMaster ( up to 2000 G.P.M.)
Task Force Tips Monsoon ( up to 2000 G.P.M.)
Dry Chem Options Williams Powder Keg 75  lb. compact system
Ansul and Chemguard Dual Agent Systems Available
Line Voltage Options Harrison Hydraulic Generators
Onan Hydraulic Generators
Will Burt Light Towers
Super Vac Light Towers
Fire Research Scene Lighting
Communications FireCom, David Clark, and Sigtronics Headset systems available
In-cab and pump panel headset module plug ins
Wireless Headsets available
In Cab Options Optional Slide Out Command Desks
EMS Compartments with interior or exterior access
Dual Circuit Air Conditioning System Available with up to 7.75 tons of cooling.
Crew Storage Modules
Warning Light System Whelen Halogen, Strobe or LED warning light systems standard Optional Federal Signal, Code 3 and Tomar systems available